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About Us

At Bud Sprout Bloom, we exist to give children a way to express emotions with empathy and purpose. Our diverse, perspective-shifting affirmation tools can help little ones to become their best selves. 

We’re excited to share our word combinations with you and your family to encourage good feelings, help boost confidence, and teach about self-love. 

Our Mission

Bud Sprout Bloom’s mission is to gain and maintain trust with millennial families by providing innovative affirmation tools that are relatable, engaging and interactive.

Our commitment to you:

Create affirmation tools that are meaningful and easy-to-use.

Provide the tools and education to help young children and adolescents develop a strong sense of self-confidence to face challenges thrown at them by the outside world. 

To offer children the opportunity to see and hear new ways of feeling their emotions with empathy, unification and purpose.

To be a go-to resource for teachers who incorporate a mindful minute into their students’ day.

To affirm is to declare the truth of something.

An affirmation is a short, powerful, statement that when repeated often, can manifest positivity in one's life.

Our Founder

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